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Woman Killed by Train while Searching for Goatman

For years, there have been reports that numerous people have seen a scary creature described as being half-man, half-goat in several localities of Prince goatman trestle
George’s County, Maryland. The Goatman throughout the years has left us with Strange footprints, animal mutilations and even reports of home invasions, and unexplained car accidents. Numerous teenagers have claimed to be raped by the beast as well.  There have been a number of reports of the Goatman frequenting the area of the trestle on Pope Lick Road.

Unfortunately for  Roquel Bain, 26 of Dayton Ohio, died while searching for the elusive Goatman, last saturday. After muliple blunt force injuries and subsequent falls from the trestle, according to Deputy Corner Jack Arnold.  Bain was pronounced dead at the scene, and the corner estimated that she fell between 80 to 100 feet.  Bain was investigating the Goatman legend with her boyfriend whose curiosity costed them Bain’s live.  As they made there way across the trestle, searching for the Goatman, a train surprised them, when they realized they couldn’t make it to the end they decided to hang off the sides. Many locals believe that the Goatman appears once people make it across the trestle from side to other.

Goatman Sightings

The first reported sighting was made in August 1957, two witnesses claimed to have been attacked by the creature in the Forestville-Upper Marlboro area. goatman sightingThe young couple were spending an evening parked at a local make-out spot, near a dark wooded area just off the street. They were startled by a loud banging on their car hood and looked up to see a large, hairy, horned creature with a double-bladed ax in its hand. The creature glared menacingly at the couple before fleeing into the woods. A few nights later, a man and his wife who lived nearby reported seeing a “hairy wild-man” going through their trash.Following these frightening encounters, members of the Upper Marlboro fire department and some local hunters organized a search of the area for this “Abominable Phantom” but turned up nothing. Additional sightings were reported in the following weeks, but authorities eventually declared the whole thing to be a hoax.4 A few years later, a young couple were romantically involved in their car, just off Zug Road, in Huntington, when they observed a peculiar creature staring at them from the edge of the woods. The woman described it as a “tall, ragged animal with human-like features.”

The Goatman legend grew throughout the 1960s. Teenagers were warned against parking in wooded areas at night, or else they risked a run-in with this ax-wielding beast. Sporadic sightings and encounters continued. Strange tracks turned up. Pets occasionally went missing. And a lot of good campfire stories were shared. But eventually The Goatman’s boogeyman grip over this community began to fade into distant memory.

However, by the early ’70s the monster came back with a vengeance, once again raising his ugly horned head and resuming his reign of terror over Prince George’s County. In April 1971, a farmer near Fletchertown Road, in Huntington, reported seeing “a large, man-like creature” eating the remains of a pig. When the he approached the scene, the creature ran off. In November of that year, in the town of Bowie, a 16-year old girl was awakened in the middle of the night by her dog barking. When she looked out her window she saw a large hairy creature walking upright and moving towards her tied up dog. Frightened, she retreated back in her room and called for help. Two neighbors, armed with baseball bats, chased the creature into woods where it disappeared into the night (giving off a “high-pitched squeal” while retreating). They returned to find the dog’s severed head on the ground, with the rest of the carcass apparently taken by the creature. The story was picked up by The Washington Post and the legend was given new life.

In 1973, a man was driving along Rt. 32 reportedly saw a “huge beast on two legs with glowing eyes”.7 A few years later, a woman reported seeing “a goatman photograyish-brown, round-shouldered animal with reflective red eyes” cross the road in front of her car on Route 198 and then step over the guard rail and disappear. And in April 1977, a NASA engineer witnessed a “Bigfoot-type creature” tossing a dog onto the road at I-95 and Powder Mill Road in Beltsville.8 Over the next decade there were a numerous reports of The Goatman attacking cars, attacking dogs… and attacking cars with dogs (throwing dogs off overpasses along stretches of Interstate 495 seems to have been a favorite past time during the ’80s). And as recently as 2000, construction workers claim to have come face to face with “a 300-pound, seven-foot-tall furry creature” that had “the legs, hooves, and horns of a goat, but the upper-body of a man” near the town of Bowie.

What is the Goatman?

Is the Goatman just an old scare story used by parents to keep hormone-laden teenagers in check, or is there something more to it?Many people believe the Goatman urban legend stems from an old hermit, claded in fur skins and armed with an ax.  People reported seeing this hermit on the back roads of Prince George’s County back in the day. However other believe it to be more of a paranormal nature.  There are even theories of the Goatman being an undiscovered woodland creature, a horned cousin of Bigfoot, to even the Devil himself. Have you seen the Goatman?

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