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Witch of Yazoo

Witch of Yazoo

The Witch of Yazoo’s grave is located in Glenwood Cemetery in Yazoo Mississippi. The legend of the Witch of Yazoo became famous in Willie Morris’ book, Good Old Boy published in 1971.

According to the legend, the witch lived on the Yazoo River, and was caught killing fishermen who she lured in. The sheriff of the time is said to have chased her through the swamps where she was half drowned in quicksand by the time he caught up with her. As she was sinking, she swore her revenge on Yazoo City. “In 20 years, I will return and burn this town to the ground!” she said. On May 25, 1904, 20 years to the day she died, Yazoo City was destroyed by fire.

Gene Hamil, a Supernatural Research Society member and Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute (MPRI) co-founder, set out on an adventure with other MPRI investigators to see what actually happened. “Upon investigating the cemetery I can say something is definatley going on in this city. An investigator that I was working with had a meeting with a historian for an episode of Mississippi Para Chasers, 2 weeks later the historian died in a mysterious car accident.” said Gene. “We got with the Triangle Museum to learn more about the fire that broke out in 1904. Strange noises and EVPs were recorded there.” said Gene.

“The first time I investigated the legend, it left me with more questions than answers. I went back months later to do another one. What I found was astonishing. So much so-that it chilled me to the core!” said Gene.

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