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Stuckey's Bridge

stucky's bridge

Stuckey’s Bridge is a 157-year–old structure that crosses the Chunky River close to Meridian on the aptly named Stuckey’s Bridge Road. Having been built a decade before the Civil War, the wooden bridge is home to the legend of the notorious serial killer, Stuckey.

Many legends are surrounding Stuckey’s bridge, but the most believable telling of the story appears in L.N. Fairley and J.T. Dawson’s, Paths to the Past: An Overview History of Lauderdale County.

The legend begins with the Dalton Gang leaving one of their members, Stuckey, behind. Stuckey started an inn and would lure travelers at night. He would rob them, kill them, and throw their bodies into the Chunky River or bury them on the river banks. He was eventually caught, tried, and hung from the railings of the bridge. Legend states that he haunts the bridge, angry at having been subjected to death.

Many people have claimed to see Stuckey himself while visiting the bridge. To understand what was going, Supernatural Research Society member and Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute co-founder Gene Hamil decided to investigate with other paranormal investigators while filming for Mississippi Para Chasers and Travel Channel’s America’s Most Terrifying Places. “We heard what sounded like bodies hitting the water, but there was nothing there. We experienced many equipment malfunctions as well,” said Gene.

Gene also stated,”We saw lights in the water moving around, yet nothing to cause reflections. “The strangest part about being at the bridge was the feeling of it all. You feel death. We captured numerous EVPs during both investigations.” said Gene.

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