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Queen of the Gypsies

Queen of the Gypsies in Meridian Mississippi

It’s an age-old stereotype that the Romani people have psychic powers (some say they invented Tarot cards), and many make their living in the fortune-telling trade. With laws passed in many cities banning the practice such as in Meridian Mississippi, it is no wonder that the Queen of the Gypsies is surrounded in mystery. It is believed that if you have a problem you can go to her grave, leave her a token, and she will visit you in your dreams with an answer.

Gene Hamil, a Supernatural Research Society member and co-founder of Mississippi Research Institute,  set out on an epic quest to see if the legends about Kelly Mitchell, the Gypsy Queen, were true. Upon arriving at her grave site Gene, and other paranormal investigators, investigated Kelly Mitchell’s grave. “You could see an orb go right by us on the thermal camera. We also saw shadow like entities as well.” said Gene. “One of the investigators said that Kelly did visit her in one of her dreams.” said Gene.

The Queen of the Gypsies grave is a huge tourist site in Meridian, Mississippi. Thousands of people go there every year to pay their respects to Romani’s beloved queen, Kelly Mitchell. Her grave is peaceful yet full of paranormal activity. 

Finally, if you want to know what all Gene got on his camera click here. The video also talks about some of the other legends surrounding the Queen of the Gypsies.

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