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Gates of Hell Satartia MS

Mississippi Paranormal Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell sits on the Yazoo River, which runs through a quite little Mississippi town called Satartia. According to legend, many years ago in Satartia Mississippi, Union soldiers went to battle against a tribe of Indians for their land. Because they were out numbered, the tribe decided to stand with honor instead of dying at the hands of the Union. So they walked into the Yazoo river and drowned. As a result the area for which they supposedly died has become known as the Gates of Hell. It is believed that you can still hear their stories through the air and witness parts of this unfortunate event.

Reports of moans, orbs, disturbed voices, and manifestations have been reported at the Gates of Hell. Supernatural Research Society member and MPRI co-founder, Gene Hamil, went on a paranormal investigation with other paranormal investigators while filming an episode for a popular show called Mississippi Para Chasers. “First of all this place is totally insane! Consequently we have had equipment problems, picked up several K2 meter hits to questions, several answers to our questions using EchoVox, and more!  Furthermore we even had one guy get choked out by something that no one could see.”, said Gene. “We even had a lady get extremely sick and started feeling very uneasy. I captured most of the events on video. They will be included in Gates of Hell episode of Mississippi Para Chasers.” said Gene.

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