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Education: Trigger Objects

Trigger objects: what are they, and how do they fit into the world of paranormal investigation? A trigger object is an inanimate object such as a toy, personal belonging, or other object associated with the deceased, which is used to attract the entity’s attention or possibly capture the object in motion by creating possible physical contact of the object by the entity.

Many investigators will use items like toys, for example, stuffed animals, balls, etc., when dealing with the ghosts of children who have passed on, due to the playful nature of a child’s mind. It is a way of not only drawing the ghost close to you but also gives it confidence that you are not there to harm it but to play and contact it.

There have been instances where a small red ball was placed in a bedroom or hallway by an investigator and then moments later the object in question was moved from its origin of placement. To merely put an object down and see if it runs throughout the night is not enough. The investigator must make the area quarantined, by either sealing off the room or space in question and making video graphic notes on it as well as having another investigator there to validate the experience.

The entities of children are assumed to be playful, and most of the time, you may get a response, but there have been instances where the spirits of children have been known to be a bit “disrespectful” for lack of a better word and may cause havoc in a location that is presumed “haunted”. These spirits tend to cause confusion & mischief, but again, you have to remember since they were once alive; theoretically, they are now what they were then, children.

On the other hand, when dealing with an adult entity, you have to be a bit more scientific to see if you can not only appeal to their nature but also see if the possible movement can be caught on video. Theoretically, since the spirits of adults tend to bind themselves to earthly possessions, people or places, one has to try to associate that entity’s manifestation with an object that was a personal possession of that person. By doing this, it helps to see if they are drawn by the presentation of an object that was once theirs, if at all possible. If not, then one must try to use a similar object to see if that entity will associate itself with that particular piece.

Many investigators tend to use a more scientific method as we do at CPS, by encasing the object in a triangle of electrical tape to note if there has been any movement, or by placing a video device known as a Hi-8 directly in front of the object to capture its possible movement. Upon doing any of such type of experiments one should always remember one of the most important rules, and that is to seal off and quarantine the area from any possible contamination or interference from anyone that may stumble onto the experiment.

In conclusion, trigger objects are not only fun to use but have a way of connecting oneself to the entity if at all possible. Never be frightened to conduct experiments such as these in a client’s home; make sure that you discuss your intentions with the client and its likely outcome as well as getting their full approval to conduct it on their property.

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