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Education: Terms

The following terms currently being used through out the paranormal community. Paranormal groups may differ in terminology.

Apparition: A disembodied spirit visible to the living.

Cold Spot: A place that is cooler in temperature than the surrounding area. It’s thought by some to be an indication of a supernatural presence drawing energy from its environment to manifest.

Ectoplasm: A filmy, quasi-solid substance that supposedly issues from the bodies of mediums while they are in a trance. Ectoplasm may come from the mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, navel, or nipples.

Electromagnetic Field Recorder: A device used to record data on electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Some researchers say that ghosts disrupt EMFs.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena): Audio devices may record disembodied voices and other supernatural sounds that are inaudible to the human ear without mechanical intervention.

Exorcism: Ritual expulsion of invading spiritual or demonic entities from a person or dwelling.

Ghost/Spirit: The soul or spirit of a dead person, reflecting the appearance of his or her living body, but less substantial.

Haunting: The manifestation of a ghostly presence attached to a specific location, object, or person.

Inhuman Entity: A demon or other spirit intent on causing harm to living beings.

Intelligent Haunting: A supernatural entity that is aware of its surroundings and/or observers. It is capable of interaction with them.

Materialization: The procedure through which a ghost appears. Materialization can be sudden or gradual, resulting in an entity that is transparent, solid, or may even appear as a free standing shadow.

Matrixing: The natural tendency of the human mind to add details to sensory input to create a familiar or easily understood pattern. In effect, matrixing is mentally “filling in the blanks.”

Paranormal: Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

Paranormal Investigator: A person who attempts to gather evidence of ghosts or other paranormal activity. They do this with devices with still photography, video, audio, EMF, or other devices. Paranormal Investigators are also known as Ghost Hunters.

Phantom Smell: Any scent that a supernatural entity gives off in an attempt to express itself. These smells may come in the smell of flowers, cigars, cigarettes, or perfumes. They do not come from an identifiable source.

Poltergeist: A ghost that manifests its presence through noises, rapping, moving objects, and the creation of disorder. The relocation of furniture or other bulky items is an indication of this type of activity.

Orb: a spherical image, usually a translucent white though reddish, or bluish color, which inexplicably registers on film or videotape. Its presence is believed, by some, to be an indicator of supernatural activity.

Residual Haunting: A scene from the past that is played out over and over again, like a recording, with the witness of the phenomenon essentially peering into a former era. The ghostly participants in a residual haunting often seem unaware of their living observers.

Vortex: An anomaly that sometimes shows up in still photographs taken at the site of a suspected haunting. It appears as a translucent white tube or funnel shaped mass. Some researchers say that vortexes may be portals to the spirit realm.

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