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Education: Spirit Attachments

When it comes to different entities and ghosts, they can become attached to several different things in several different ways. From the entire house, you live into a single person or object; these attachments can keep them from wanting to move on to the next life.

Beginning Entity Attachments: This type of attachment works in other ways too – especially with raw emotions like anger. Such as if you have recently broken up with someone you might find yourself the target of an entity which is still hurt and angry over something similar that happened to them in their life. An entity can become attached to you because you have either the same, or an opposite issue as the entity had when it was alive. Moreover, you have opened up or even damaged an energy field due to trauma, shock, depression, and so on – giving the entity the opportunity to come through stronger to you.

The relationships and interactions around you usually are something that you can’t even control. For example, as you go through this world, you will pick up special attachments that have no relationship to you at all. Instead, these are mere “soul fragments” that have not quite moved on to the next life after the physical body has died. These attachments are usually because the person had some connection to that object, place, or even person. Take this example: you just lost a family member and had visited a friend who lives in a home that has an entity in it that dealt with a great deal of grief from the loss of a loved one. When that entity died, it was still preoccupied with that grief and loss, so it did not move on. As you come into the house, the entity immediately identifies with you and forms an attachment to you. It sees that you are suffering too and you suddenly become an ideal “anchor” for that entity to cling to, thinking that you might be able to help it.

There are two different sources of entity attachments that have been found in paranormal research. The first one is from a person’s interactions, relationships, and the environment around you. The second is from a negative entity that chooses to interact this way and tries to disturb people on another level actively.

Attachment to Things or Places: Sometimes, there can even be an “agreement” or a feeling of “unfinished business” that the entity feels toward you. These are things like “I will always be there for you,” “I will always watch over you,” “I will get you back one day” and so on. It is these super strong bonds, whether they be love, friendship, or a negative bond, that will bind people together, as that “promise” will always stand, even after death especially to those whose loyalty meant the world to them. Many paranormal researchers have found that spirit guides are often people whom you knew from some existence before (or even in this one), and those that you agreed to help or that agreed to help you.

Of course, it is more common that an entity will attach itself to you or something around you because you had a connection with that person when they were alive. Maybe a friend, family member, enemy, or so on – someone that had strong feelings for you that are stopping them from letting go of you. There are so many different emotions that go along with this: anger, jealousy, love, hate, helpfulness, and so on.

Existences: Keep in mind that we don’t just exist as a human and that’s over when we die. Instead, we exist in many different forms and environments. Each of these different existences offers places, things, and people that make up large parts of yourself and give you many different opportunities for living, expressing yourself, and so on. This goes along the same lines as making life-long friends or enemies. Entities will keep these attachments even after the physical body is gone.

Overcoming Your Attachments: Paranormal research has shown that there is an endless list of how an entity can become attached to you, your family, your home, or an object in your home. For this reason, you should never hold on to any negative emotions for anyone, such as anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, revenge, and so on. While love and loyalty, and care can be just as strong and bind you to someone or something, it’s the negative emotions that will do the most harm.

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