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Education: Safety

The following safety equipment is a must when going on certain types of paranormal investigations. It is best to be safe and healthy so you can go on more.

CPR pocket mask: Hopefully you’ll never need to use this item, but in case someone needs CPR, several team members should be certified to administer it.

Disposable N95 respirator masks: These are inexpensive but you should always wear them in areas where there is mold, heavy dust, or evidence of animal excrement.

Emergency blanket: These little mylar blankets may not look like much, but if a team mem-ber is injured and goes into shock they are better than nothing.

Polysporin antibiotic cream: Apply to simple wounds or put on existing sores and scabs before an investigations, as well as new ones that show up during the investigation.

Bandages: Adhesive bandages (all sizes), adhesive tape, nonadhesive pads (Telfa), and 4″ x 4″ sterile gauze pads are essential for wound care.

Anesthetic spray or lotion like Bactine or Calamine: Use these for rashes and insect bites.

2″, 3″, and 4″ Ace bandages: Use these for sprains or strains, as well as for wrapping gauze on to wounds or securing splints.

Benadryl: Use this oral antihistamine for allergic reactions and itchy rashes.

Exam gloves: Use for infection protection. They can also be made into ice packs if filled with water and frozen.

Safety pins (large and small): You need these for splints and ace bandages.

Scissors: Use these to cut tape and bandages.

Tweezers: Use for splinter, stinger, or tick removal.

Trash bags: These are good for a variety of things, such as making ice packs or covering a large would.

Hand sanitizer: Use this often to protect against fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

Carbon monoxide detector: Place these near furnaces and stoves to prevent accidental poisoning.

Painter’s masking tape or caution tape: Use to mark off dangerous areas.

Drinks: Keep yourself hydrated with water during spring and summer.  Make sure to drink coffee or another warm beverage during the fall and winter.

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