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mississippi paranormal investigators

Supernatural Research Society provides Mississippi paranormal investigators for many activities. As a result, if you need us, for filming projects or investigations, we can help.

Although we were founded by like-minded Mississippi paranormal investigators, we are able to aid people all over the United States.

Above all, we share our knowledge with the public.

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Mission Statement

Supernatural Research Society strives toward having a deeper understanding of paranormal and supernatural activity through research and investigation, while leading the way in public education.


You can search for paranormal and strange news, or you can get the latest news about everything supernatural and paranormal on this page. We strive for accuracy so we review any and all articles that are posted to this page. If you know of an article of this nature that we have missed please feel free to submit it to us for review.

Devil’s Letter Decoded

The Devil’s Letter was written by possessed Nun hundreds of years ago has been decoded with the help of the dark web.


We work hard to uncover the truth with all of our investigations. Many of the investigations previously done by our members have been highly respected by others. We seek to continue to produce quality information through professional investigation by way of our new Supernatural Research Society.

Bonnie and Clyde

Supernatural Research society members Gene Hamil, Dawn Duvurger, Corey, and Marcus joined forces with the official paranormal team of the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, Louisiana Ghostin Generations. Together they brought in a third paranormal group from Mississippi, MPRI. All three performed the most extensive paranormal investigation ever done at the ambush site.

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Please contact us if you need a paranormal investigation, an interview, experts on filming sets, have questions, or want to book us for an event.


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